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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Final Project Proposal

A rundown of my project with the co-op by number:
1. The guiding questions: Where does the current membership of the co-op live? Or, where do members come from? How can new membership initiatives be derived from seeing where current members live?

2. Findings audience: Co-op management and member/owners. Outreach or promotion may be based on variable concentrations of membership.

3. Examples of data: I have a list of addresses (street number, name, city, state, zip code) of the nearly 1000 members that should only require minor tweaking to make uniform. I am considering overlaying some kind of demographic data--age, home renter/owner status, political affiliation? (carefully avoiding the ecological fallacy).

4. Examples of maps to find, ideally: I will need base maps for Madison, wider Dane County, wider Wisconsin, wider midwest, and maybe British Columbia. If I can geocode by street number within Madison, but only by zip code outside Madison, that would be sufficient. One address is for British Columbia, though I'm tempted to leave it off as it's not really spatially significant... Admittedly, I don't know how difficult it will be to come by such maps.

5. Map manipulations to try: I'd like to give an overall membership snapshot with a map that covers, say, the midwest (from which all but a handful of members come), though I believe the most useful maps would focus on Dane County and Madison membership. If it seems feasible to work in demographic data, I may consult the co-op folks for suggestions of anything they think would be helpful for their purposes.


At 2:35 PM, Blogger Todd M-A said...

I have similar problems with spacially unharmonious people... That is people who live outside of the area. I have been told that there are people who live in Florida, Arizona, etc. (Ones we Arizonans dearly dreaded when I was younger and called Snow Birds). Since they live and are residents of another state but live in Madison for the late spring and early fall, what to do about them? If I am unable to get the info about their location in Madison, I wonder what I should do about including them on the map...


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