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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Minor Final Project Glitch

My final project has taken a step back in time. Apparently the gym owner's web guy thinks a online survey would create SPAM on her email list. I don't quite understand this, as I had set up the survey for the clients to respond to ME not her... (But he's perfectly willing to set up a website for me, for a charge--somehow this sounds suspect to me, but I'm not the expert.) Therefore, I'm having to resort to a paper survey and will have to create my own data table. Hopefully two weeks worth of surveys will give me enough data to work with.

Thanks Greg for the demonstration on Tuesday. It was most encouraging to see exactly how to proceed on the final project. Having spent time doing some searching before Tuesday without success, it was good to see exactly what I was supposed to be looking for, and where to find it.

I do have a slight concern with what kind of success I might have with my project though. McFarland is a community that has done an extreme amount of growing in the last five years, and from what I could see on the maps we downloaded from ESRI, whole neighborhoods were missing, even my own street! I guess I'll just have to map what I can, with the data available.


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