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Thursday, July 20, 2006

My final project.

For my GIS project, I was planning to build a map for the UW-Madison Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA). The map will not only focus on the members’ location, but also the business and campus services, which are related to the Chinese community in Madison.
The idea is from my own experience, when I arrived in Madison for the first time, I have no idea about where are the most Chinese people live, where the Chinese parties are hold, where are the Chinese food stores, where are the UW-Credit Union.
So, some how, the map will look like an orientation map. I will also do some geo-coding and data sheet, not only for the class exercise purpose, but also to providing some useful reference information to both of the students and the businesses.
I already contacted with the head of the CSSA and several businesses. Apparently, CSSA has some data about the location where the students and scholars live, but I’ afraid the data are not down to the details of the street numbers and the every individuals; the businesses can'’t provide the personal information of their customers, but they are happy to provide their stores’ location. I also did a survey on the CSSA website, in order to collect the members’ location as many as I can. And certainly, I talk with my friends about the Chinese community and their needs a lot.
I think all the data will not be already in the data sheet, so I a’m afraid I have to create the Excel sheet by myself and the put them into my geo-database. I think that will be fun! I’m just not sure about whether the sheets will fit our GIS software or not, will these data make my map look beautiful, and does my project fit our assignment requirements?
Good luck everyone!


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