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Thursday, July 20, 2006

My project

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my project is intended to help my employer consider options for the future location of his business. He is still thinking in a quite a general way, and has not formally considered spatial and demographic information.

My plan is to produce two sets of maps: one set showing the greater Madison area, and one set showing the Williamson/Winnebago/Atwood corrider, in which he has expressed special interest. I want to geocode existing libraries and bookstores as points on a chloropleth map showing relevant demographic data, preferably by census block. I think that separate maps for age, income and education level would be most useful. Then I'd like to build queries to show areas with high income/high education levels and contrast it with lower income/high education. We believe that this second category probably best fits our in-store customers.

If I have the time and energy for a "bonus" map, I'd like to geocode by city all online used booksellers in Wisconsin who list their books at abebooks.com. The website already has a list of these 91 sellers, and it would be interesting to see their distribution in the state (many seems to be small town or rural).


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