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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

favorite map

Having worked at the University of Wisconsin Press for three years, it was amusing to see Wiscoinsin Past and Present on our book list this summer. I was particularly interested to hear about which maps everyone found most useful. And I agree, it was difficult to choose a favorite. I think that the crux of the question really depends on the situation in which you might find yourself as a reference librarian. Who are you assisting, and what exactly do they need? This is really what hindered me most in choosing a favorite. The second thing that I had to consider in choosing was the word PRESENT in the title. It's really difficult to think of a book published in 1998 as present. Obviously the historic maps haven't changed much, but anything regarding present...which census data were they using? Probably 1990, wouldn't you think?

I think that I must choose, as my favorite, the series of maps on page 76 dealing with women's influence in Wisconsin.

Also, you have to love the blurb about women's baseball. Who knew that the record for most bases stolen was held by a woman?? I sure didn't!


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