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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Another Robinson Titbit

At the memorial get together to honor Arthur Robinson and David Woodword (history of cartography project), one of Robinson's advisee's (forget his name) had this to say: Arthur Robinson was commissioned by then President Roosevelt to make 4 copies of a world map for the purpose of war: One copy was for President Roosevelt, one copy for Churchill, and 1 copy each for the US and British state departments. This was so that they were on the same page (map!) as they plotted together to win world war II. "How to lie with Maps" brings on a whole new dimension as far as wars go... from bombing wrong civilian targets (Iraq) to maps that leave out important data or have wrong data.


At 12:31 PM, Blogger Jeff Gibbens said...

Don't know if everybody has heard how the Soviets kept inaccurate maps in print which the Nazis used without verifying the information, so that they would end up five miles away from the village where they were supposed to be.

Another WWII item: German men in their late 70s and older were surveyed as to what foreign countries they had visited and overwhelmingly it was Poland, France, Belgium, the Soviet Union...et al. Does an involuntary trip at government expense qualify as travel?


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