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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Week 2: The Wisconsin Idea

I found the Wisconsin Idea very interesting and useful for the state library and information professionals to employ for developing or redeveloping state library or library system. Along with the substantial evidences of historical, numerical changes, I think that a main value or theme is also very necessary to plan and realize substantial project. Since the Wisconsin Idea came from a historical transition, the Idea provides library professionals with a good rationale, which can help plan the (re)development of public library in the state of Wisconsin with a major theme. The Idea implies use of expertise for public interest and community development, and the expertise is backed up with strong public education. The map, which shows historical events in progressive era, demonstrates how Wisconsinite was eager to innovate on the social system in the early 90s. In a nutshell, I think that library professionals as well as the Wisconsin public might be inspired by the Wisconsin Idea and the historical events that was behind the Idea through the map presentation.


At 9:25 AM, Blogger Nick said...

Tammy Baldwin spoke at my graduation ceremony last May. One of the main structuring points of her speech was the Wisconsin Idea - how the university is meant to be a microcosm for the state. The knowledge and information gained at the university is supposed to be applicable to the space within the boundaries of Wisconsin. She acknowledged that in a scalar sense this idea is outdated. That is, what we do at universities (and at libraries by virtue of association), is supposed to be done with a large spatial consciousness, to the state, nation, continent, and world. I agree with Umaysay that for library administrators seeking reform, the Wisconsin Idea (Guild, 73) has some parallel philosophies that could be (are/were) useful. The concept of outreach from consolodated centers of information and educated people is very geographical, invoking ideas that we talked about such as nodes and networks. I imagine the process of reform to be a gradual flowing of knowledge and awareness that spills through space, and library administrators are in a particularly advantagous position to make this happen.


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