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Friday, July 01, 2005

Wisconsin class data folder missing on network

Folks, today a student alerted me that the "Wisconsin" subfolder in the "Class Data" folder we've been sharing on the network had been deleted. I'm quite distressed about this, since the folder was flagged as "read only" and could not have been accidentally dragged to the trash without a warning dialogue popping up. I've just finished restoring the data that was originally in that folder from my own master copy. Hopefully this was an isolated and unintentional incident, however it happened, and I won't need to take any drastic measures to restrict access to these shared files for the last week of class.

In any case, take this moment as a reminder to PLEASE back up your project files and all the data files (shapefiles, Excel files, dbf files) that you are using to a 250MB Zip disk!


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