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Friday, May 19, 2006

Summer 2006 information coming soon

Our summer 2006 SLIS GIS class starts in one month, with some significant changes for the better:

- we'll be using a new version of the GIS software -- ArcGIS 9.0

- only two textbooks to buy -- an ArcGIS tutorial and a Wisconsin historical atlas

- new-and-improved xeroxed course reader (to be sold by ASM Student Print in Memorial Union)

- the class will run twice a week over eight weeks, rather than four times a week over four weeks

- a service-learning component will be integrated into the class, with students finding real-world projects to work on that relate to the needs and missions of community information agencies around Madison and Dane County

- Greg has tenure now so should be much less frantic

If you've registered for the class, expect an email soon inviting you into this Blogger forum. Cheers,



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