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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Assignment 2 - WI Past and Present

I think it's very difficult to settle on just one map that is most important for state librarians and information professionals to understand. I feel that the Progressive era is one of the most important periods in our state history, so initially I thought a map that represents this would be great. The 1933 Milk Strikes map is used to represent this era, and while I think it's a very powerful map showing strikes by dairy farmers, it didn't seem comprehensive enough to truly represent the Progressive era (only in Wisconsin would people bomb a cheese factory!). Anyway, I settled on the Notable Strikes and Lockouts map as one that is very important for state librarians to understand. The map does a good job of showing Wisconsin's industries and locations. It also shows strikes and lockouts over time, not just during one era. The map paints an accurate picture of the state's labor movement over time, however the key and explanations are essential to this map.


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