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Monday, June 13, 2005

Lab hours for project work

SLIS library director Michele Besant is doing her best to keep the SLIS computer lab open through the four-week course so you can work on your projects outside of class time (and I will offer time during class for you to work on projects as well). However, with the continuing UW budget crisis, we can't keep the lab open as long as we'd like (please write your state legislator on that one). Here are the hours for the next four weeks:

June 13-July 10
Mon-Thurs 8-5
Fri 9-12
Sat 12-5

Closed Monday July 4

Please note that there are no other classes currently scheduled to use the lab in the mornings, so that time should be open to GIS work on a first-come, first-served basis. Also the hour after class ends is open for lab work, so you can just stay on your computer and plug away. Finally, note that Friday afternoons there are no official lab hours (although there may be informal access to the lab if Michele happens to be on hand).


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