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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Salim's Proposal: Madison Public Libraries

I propose to do a large-scale Madison Public Libraries project comparing the Madison Public Library-Central with its other branches. The object of this exercise, at least in theory is see if I can come up with a map or two that can further MPL’s objective of getting funding. Conversely, I could come up with a map that might argue against the expansion/new building for the MPL central library. Based on some data I collected during a project in the Public Libraries class last semester, I will pick and choose variables that can forward or retract from showing that MPL needs a new building. At this point I am considering a base map in Madison that shows all the libraries which could be proportional symbols—that increase on decrease based on the data or year.

The map will intersect between MPL-Central and its branches, and compare 1998 to 2004 data. I will try and test out the Sequoya anomaly and get to the bottom of what that means.

Some of the variables/data fields I will use are:

Program attendance

I think this is a realistic project and moves away from what I really would like to do—look at geo coded addresses and link them with circulation records at the street level, i.e. If we can get a hold of this data, there might be away to incorporate it into the above maps.

So in summary—two maps both on a very large scale, one that shows arguments for MPL-Central’s new building and another that argues against it. Once the GIS is done, I do plan to, time permitting, import it into adobe illustrator to increase its aesthetic appeal given that this map might be printed and shown in analog format. This represents a beginning to what we can do with the data—one could use this as a starting point to locate a new library based on population projections in Madison, update this data each year (and therefore the map) and look at how the dynamics of library users are changing.


At 9:35 AM, Blogger Molly said...

I would also like to use geo coded adddresses with library circ. stats, so if you are still wanting to use such data and we are looking for the same data, maybe we can pool brainstorming and resources together in order to get some good data that will help us complete our respective projects.


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