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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Possible GIS-related job

Got this announcement last week and told these folks that I'd ask if any of my summer GIS students were interested. So I'm asking. Here's the info:

We (Land Information and Computer Graphics Facility, a GIS research center within CALS) have a collection of books and documents covering 30-plus years of the evolution of land and geographic information systems. I say "collection" guardedly, because this is really several bookshelves and many boxes from the careers of retired faculty. However, I think this is a unique set of material that could be of considerable interest and value if it were better organized.

Do you have a student or students that might be interested in taking on this task? We're happy to pay whatever the going rate is for such service. Time frame is not critical, though of course we'd be happy to have a little less clutter sooner rather than later. Please cc: Brooke Seeliger on your reply; she is LICGF staff who would be the day-to-day supervisor.


Steve Ventura

Stephen J. Ventura
Chair, Department of Soil Science
Professor, Environmental Studies and Soil Science
Director, Land Information and Computer Graphics Facility

University of Wisconsin-Madison
1525 Observatory Drive
Madison, WI 53706

phone: (608)262-6416 fax: (608)265-2595


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